Laravel Horizon with Docker

We simply pass the command to the Docker container and let S6 Overlay monitor the process.

Important concepts

  1. In most cases, you probably want to run this as a separate container from your web container
  2. Ensure that you have your .env configured correctly to authenticate with Redis
  3. Ensure Redis is running before you attempt to connect Horizon to Redis
  4. You can do cool things with PHP_FPM_POOL_NAME to separate the task from the main PHP pool. This is helpful when debugging or monitoring the task.
  5. If you need to run horizon in the same container, you might want to look into writing your own S6 Overlay script to manage and monitor multiple processes in one container.

Task Command

php artisan horizon

Example Docker Compose File

version: '3'
    image: my/laravel-app
      PHP_FPM_POOL_NAME: "my-app_php"

    image: redis:6
    command: "redis-server --appendonly yes --requirepass redispassword"

    image: my/laravel-app
    command: ["php", "/var/www/html/artisan", "horizon"]
      PHP_FPM_POOL_NAME: "my-app_horizon"