Migrating from the official PHP images

serversideup/php is based on the official PHP images, so you can be confident in changing the base image for your application. Simply prepend serversideup/ to the image name and you're ready to go. 🚀

Changing the base image

We follow the same naming convention as the official PHP images, so you can easily switch to our images by changing the base image in your Dockerfile or docker-compose.yml file.

For example: If you're running php:8.3-cli-alpine, you can simply change it to serversideup/php:8.3-cli-alpine and you're ready to go. It's that easy!

Before making the change

We encourage you to get familiar with our default configurations and environment variable specifications before making the switch. We've improved the developer experience in a number of ways, so be sure you're evaluating how certain customizations are provided by default and that you're not duplicating conflicting customizations.

The best place to get this information is with the following pages:

Older versions of PHP

If you do run into a situation where an image tag is not found, it's likely because we may need to add that tag to our system. This is more common in older versions of PHP. We support active versions of PHP, but also provide images for 7.4 and 8.0 for those who need it. We strongly encourage you to run a supported version of PHP. We only offer these older versions to help you containerize and migrate your application to a newer version of PHP.

If you are missing an image tag, you can open a Discussion on GitHub and we'll evaluate if we can get that added for you.

To learn more how we tag our images, see our installation guide.