What's "PHP Docker Images"?

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PHP Docker Images by Server Side Up (serversideup/php) are an alternate approach to the official Docker images provided by PHP. Compared to the defaults provided by the official PHP Docker images, the serversideup/php Docker images are optimized for more real-world and production use cases.

These images are very different from other PHP Docker images

Production-readyBuilt to be performant and secure to exist on the wild web.
Native Health ChecksBe 100% confident your application is actually running.
High PerformanceThese images perform faster than the official PHP images.
Customizable & FlexibleEnvironment variables make customizations a breeze.
Built on Ubuntu 22.04Work in a familiar and powerful operating system environment.
Built with Ondřej PHPAll packages are sourced from the highly reliable Ondřej PHP repo.
NGINX + PHP-FPMWe offer NGINX + PHP-FPM support out of the box.
Unified LoggingAll logs are directed to STDOUT & STDERR for centralized output.
Built with S6 OverlayAn extremely intelligent and powerful method to running PHP.

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Why should I use these PHP Docker Images?

These images are a contribution to the PHP community to help make PHP application management as simple as possible. We focus on making a quick and easy process to get your application running in minutes.

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