Laravel Automations

serversideup/php has a "Laravel Automations" script that helps you automate certain steps during your deployments. By default, the script is DISABLED. We only recommend enabling this script in production environments.

What the script does

This script executes on container start up and performs the following tasks:

php artisan migrate

Before running migrations, we ensure the database is online and ready to accept connections. By default, we will wait 30 seconds before timing out.

You can enable the --isolated flag by setting AUTORUN_LARAVEL_MIGRATION_ISOLATION to true, which will ensure no other containers are running a migration.

Special Notes for Isolated Migrations:

  • Requires Laravel v9.38.0+
  • Your database must support database locks (meaning SQLite is not supported)

This command creates a symbolic link from public/storage to storage/app/public.

php artisan config:cache

This command caches all configuration files into a single file, which can then be quickly loaded by Laravel. Once the configuration is cache, the .env file will no longer be loaded.

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php artisan route:cache

This command caches the routes, dramatically decrease the time it takes to register all of your application's routes. After running this command, your cached routes file will be loaded on every request.

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php artisan view:cache

This command caches all of the views in your application, which can greatly decrease the time it takes to render your views.

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php artisan event:cache

This command creates a manifest of all your application's events and listeners, which can greatly speed up the process of registering them with Laravel.

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