Replicate production in a single command

Stop wasting time fixing production issues you've already solved. Spin is a bash utility that improves the user-experience for teams using Docker. Replicate any environment on any machine, regardless if they are running MacOS, Windows, or Linux. Centralize your infrastructure from a single configuration file using Docker.

Language independent (works with PHP, Node, Ruby, Python, etc)
Works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux
Replicate 100% of production locally in development
Intelligent & Automated docker image updates on every startup
Follows Docker standards, so there's no extra syntax to learn

Inspired by Chris Fidao and Laravel Sail, Spin aims to speed up and simplify the management of development environments -- no matter which language or operating system you're developing with.

Improve the development experience

😱 Turn this:

docker compose pull --ignore-pull-failures && docker compose -f docker-compose.yml -f docker-compose.dev.yml up --remove-orphans

⚡️ Into this:

spin up

Use Docker the way it's intended with Docker Overrides

  • Docker Overrides are an extremely powerful feature that allows you to standardize your environment. Learn more →
  • Replicate 100% of production, no matter what environment you're in

Install locally or at the project

  • Install on your system with automatic updates (without requiring root permissions)
  • Available via NPM
  • Available via Composer on Packagist

Works with any language

  • Spin is just a bash wrapper that improves the user-experience for developers
  • Choose any docker image that you'd like or build your own Docker image

Follows Docker standards

  • Spin passes your commands to the official Docker commands, so there is no reason for you to learn a domain-specific language or learn another standard

🚀 Get started

Learn the simple concepts and get started →

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