spin run

Use run if you want to run a command with NEW containers. This is helpful for package installers, etc. This command does require a Docker Compose file to run. If you're looking for a command that you can run in any directory, check out spin latest.


Usage for "spin run"



Example of running a container for "composer install" with PHP

spin run php composer install

Spin Specific Options

  • --skip-pull: Do not automatically pull docker images.
  • --force-pull: Pull Docker Compose images, regardless of cache settings.

Official Docker Options

This command is a shortcut for docker-compose run and can accept additional options that you pass to it.

Special notes

  • This command specifically ignores running container dependencies
  • It will automatically remove the containers once the command is complete
  • It adds extra environment variables to improve user-experience if you're running things like "S6 Overlay" inside your containers