Welcome to Spin πŸ‘‹

Spin is one of the fastest ways to create a new project, configure a development environment, and ship your app into production -- all being 100% replicated throughout each environment. Think of Spin as Laravel Sail, but you can ship your configuration to production.

Choose any host, easily provision and maintain your servers, and ship your application with confidence.

Replicate in any environmentShip with confidence. Never worry about environment differences again.
Runs on Mac, Windows, LinuxWork with any developer, regardless of their preferred operating system.
Choose any hostBreak free from vendor lock and choose any host you’re comfortable with.
Framework AgnosticUse any framework or language. If it can run in Docker, it can run with Spin.
Zero-downtime deploymentsShip updates to your customers without them experiencing any downtime.
Docker Syntax, SimplifiedSpin follows the standards of Docker, but simplifies the development experience.
Simple Server ManagementWe simplify the complexity of server management into a single command.
GitHub Action SupportSpin provides templates to automate the delivery of your application through CI/CD.
Automated SSLGet automated SSL management with Let's Encrypt via configuration templates.