Add Spin to an Existing Project

Adding Spin to an existing project is easy. Everything works through the spin init command, we'll ask you a few questions, then you'll be on your way to shipping a 100% replicated application.

Install Spin

We have a number of ways to install Spin. Pick any one.

Initialize Spin

Run this command in the root of your project:

Initialize Spin

spin init

The wizard will ask you some questions and then you'll be on your way to shipping your application.

File Structure

Spin will create the following files & directories:

  • .infrastructure/
  • .spin.yml
  • .spin-inventory.ini (it's just an Ansible inventory file)
  • docker-compose.yml
  • Dockerfile

Spin will modify the following files:

  • .gitignore
  • .dockerignore

Next Steps

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