Stay on budget and build wealth without sacrificing your privacy.

An open source alternative to Mint, YNAB, and more.

Keep investors and their buyers out of your financial data. Own 100% of your data and start building financial wealth.


Decentralized Financial Budgeting.

It's the way sensitive data should always be handled.
Compatible with any bankIf your bank supports exporting a CSV file, Financial Freedom supports it.
Automated Sync (coming soon)Use API services like Plaid or Finicity for automated account data synchronization. For those who want ultimate privacy, synchronize your account with our decentralized alternative to Plaid & Finicity.
Self-host anywhereFinancial Freedom is designed to run on any host as long as it can run Docker. Choose from AWS to a Raspberry Pi running in your basement.
Our Stack

Trust Our Code, Not Our Words

The best person to trust hosting your data is yourself. Financial Freedom is built on premium open-source technologies.
One of the most popular PHP frameworks with expressive and elegant syntax.
A popular in-memory data store used by millions as a database, cache, streaming engine, and message broker.
Meilisearch is a flexible and powerful user-focused search engine.
Cutting-edge, containerized delivery.
One of the most popular open source relational databases engines.
The utility-first CSS framework. Rapidly build modern websites, without ever leaving your HTML.

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