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What you’ll achieve

This is what it looks like:


Download WireGuard app from the App Store

You can download the official app on the App Store.

Add a tunnel

We need to add a tunnel:

We then want to choose “Create from QR code”:

Using the QR code that we generated on our server, we can now hold our camera up to our QR code to import it. Give it a descriptive name for your connection.

You may be prompted to add this VPN configuration. Be sure to allow it so you can access it through the iOS settings page.

You’ll see it automatically imports everything, similar to our other clients that we have been working with.

You can set the On demand to be “on” if you want to always use your VPN (over LTE and Wi-Fi).

Add your client to your server

Before you can connect, you need to add the client to your server. I go through this on why we need to do this here, but here is the quick solution.

ON YOUR SERVER run this command:

sudo wg set wg0 peer YOUR_CLIENT_PUBLIC_KEY allowed-ips YOUR_CLIENT_VPN_IP


Connecting to the VPN

You can now access the VPN from the “Settings” page of iOS.

Test it out

You can test it out by going to and to see how its working.

That’s all!

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