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Basic GET Requests with Fetch API and VueJS Part 1 of 1 in Using Fetch API with VueJS
Dan Pastori November 17th, 2020

The best way to learn something or solve a problem is to break it down into the smallest pieces. While transitioning from Axios to the Fetch API and integrating it into my VueJS application, I had to start small. I actually wrote both requests side by side so I could migrate in pieces and ensure the integrity of the app. In this tutorial, we are going to be making some basic GET requests using Fetch and comparing those requests to Axios.

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Build an API Wrapper with VueJS & Axios Part 4 of 4 in Your Guide to Using an API with VueJS/NuxtJS and Axios
Dan Pastori November 16th, 2020

Creating an API wrapper using VueJS & Axios makes your API interfacing code extremely fluid, modular, and maintainable. Before we get started, those using NuxtJS should skip to the next tutorial. This will tutorial will ONLY work with VueJS and not within NuxtJS.

With that being said, so far we’ve installed Axios and got it to work with VueJS and configured Axios to work globally. We’ve also went through a few more complex requests like POST, PUT, & PATCH. In this tutorial we will abstract all of our API requests into wrapper modules. Before we get started, let’s begin with why.

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Packaging a NuxtJS app for iOS and Android with CapacitorJS Part 2 of 4 in Build an iOS & Android App with CapacitorJS + NuxtJS + TailwindCSS
Dan Pastori August 16th, 2020

This is really where the magic happens! The way to get a NuxtJS application packaged and deployed to a mobile app store is with CapacitorJS. CapacitorJS allows you to package web code, access native phone hardware, and deploy that code to both iOS and Android app stores. You could do similar functionality with Adobe Phonegap. […]

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Using TailwindCSS to Design Your Mobile App Part 3 of 4 in Build an iOS & Android App with CapacitorJS + NuxtJS + TailwindCSS
Dan Pastori August 16th, 2020

Once you have your NuxtJS application packaged up with CapacitorJS, using TailwindCSS to style your application is really straight-forward. You will be using the same process as you would for web, except focusing on the responsive aspect of your application. While your layout is entirely up to you and TailwindCSS makes this a breeze, there […]

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