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API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS
These tutorials will show you how to use and configure Laravel and VueJS to build a single page application through API Driven Development. Let's get started!
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AmplitudeJS: From the Ground Up

This course will go through how to utilize AmplitudeJS in a variety of scenarios from introducing AmplitudeJS to utilizing some of it’s more advanced features such as dynamic song addition, multiple playlists, live audio streaming and Soundcloud activity

Complete Ubiquiti UniFi + Synology Network Build

Learn how to use the best wireless & NAS technologies to simplify your network management.

Your Guide To Uploading Files with VueJS and Axios

Uploading files through AJAX is difficult. This is your guide to making the process of AJAX file uploads with VueJS and Axios a breeze.

API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS

Learn how to build a single page application from the ground up using Laravel + VueJS. This makes app development so easy.

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How to Preload CSS Background Images

Add the preload of background images through CSS to improve your AmplitudeJS player’s UX and get rid of the flash on initial load.

Sorting in VueJS Components and Vuex State

VueJS reactive properties make sorting data a breeze. We wil go through examples on how to sort within a component and in a Vuex data store.

AmplitudeJS Configuration Options

AmplitudeJS configuration helps you build a player tailored to your needs. We will be going through a few of these options with examples.

Vue Router Permission Recipes and Laravel Policies Examples

A few more examples on implementing a front end permission structure with VueJS and having it work with the backend Laravel API.

Using AmplitudeJS Public Methods

We’ve really seen the need for most of AmplitudeJS’ functionality to be called directly. We go over a few of the methods in this tutorial!

VueJS App Admin Screens

With our permissions in place on the API and on the front end, it’s time to add some admin UI and functionality based around what we built.

Unique Elements in AmplitudeJS

Learn how to use some of the more unique elements of AmplitudeJS and how they add functionality and UI/UX enhancements!

VueJS Route Permissions, Security and Admin Section

Now it’s time to apply our permission structure to the front end of the application through a Vue Router, VueJS and Vuex structure.

Vuepress Within a Laravel Application

VuePress is a beautiful new documentation platform. Making it work within Laravel can be a trick, but I’ll show you how!

Building a Single Song Player

Time to dive in and build an audio player with AmplitudeJS. We will start small with a single song player that shows the basic features.

Enable key-based SSH authentication on Synology servers

Save time and increase your security by enabling key based authentication on your Synology server.

Laravel Admin Routes and Security in a SPA

We have built our first Laravel Policies now it’s time to add some security to the routes we are protecting and implement the policies.

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