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API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS
These tutorials will show you how to use and configure Laravel and VueJS to build a single page application through API Driven Development. Let's get started!
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Complete Ubiquiti UniFi + Synology Network Build

Learn how to use the best wireless & NAS technologies to simplify your network management.

Your Guide To Uploading Files with VueJS and Axios

Uploading files through AJAX is difficult. This is your guide to making the process of AJAX file uploads with VueJS and Axios a breeze.

API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS

Learn how to build a single page application from the ground up using Laravel + VueJS. This makes app development so easy.

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Planning your Laravel and VueJS SPA Application Admin Section

We are adding an admin section to our Single Page Application. This tutorial will show you how to plan for an admin section in your app.

Upgrade your Ubiquiti USG firmware the easy way

Don’t stress out about how to upgrade your Ubiquiti USG firmware on the first step. Start it off the right way!

Installing and preparing your Synology Server

Learn how to set up a brand new Synology NAS with DSM. During this course, we’ll be preparing our Synology NAS specifically to be used as a Unifi Video Controller. Later on, we’ll be using it for a lot more.

Configure a secure guest wireless network using VLANs, firewalls, and throttling

Learn how to create a secure guest wireless network that prevents guests from bringing malicious activity to your network. You’ll also learn how to throttle the guest network down so that you do not worry about your guests using up all of your bandwidth.

Adopt a Ubiquiti USG to a Unifi Cloud Controller & automate device deployments

Learn how to adopt a Unifi Security Gateway to a Unifi Cloud Controller. We’ll also set up our Unifi network to automatically deploy other Unifi devices with our network settings.

Roast is on Laravel 5.6!

Today we have brought roastandbrew.coffee to the newest Laravel technology available!

Animista CSS Animations with VueJS Transitions

Every once in a while I run across some tools that I can’t develop without. VueJS (Vue.js) is definitely hands down the best front end Javascript framework out there. It’s easy to use, extend, and customize to what you need it to do. The front end of this tutorial series is written in VueJS and […]

Roast Designs Have Been Updated

So if you’ve visited https://roastandbrew.coffee recently, you might have noticed a major overhaul in the design. It actually looks good! It’s essentially what happens when I don’t design a product. Jay took over the design and went from there. With the new design and re-grouping on the project, I gained a lot of focus. Before […]

File Management with VueJS and Laravel

This whole tutorial series: API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS has been focused on building a single page application with VueJS that’s powered by an API with Laravel. We’ve gone through a variety of requests, but what we haven’t touched on is file uploading. File uploading can be a little tricky by nature, but […]

Adding Laravel User Profiles

The last few tutorials, we’ve opened up public data for the cafes. We started opening up a few routes with larval https://serversideup.net/public-private-api-laravel/, then explored VueJS Route Security and Authentication and finally implemented some navigation guards. In this tutorial we will go through the process of Step 1: Define Data To Collect When building our user […]

Preview File Uploads with Axios and VueJS

Previously, I wrote a quick article about Uploading Files With VueJS and Axios – Server Side Up which should help alleviate some of the pain of dealing with file uploads. Now it’s time to add a few bells and whistles and a little UX. In this tutorial we will work with previewing file uploads and […]

Drag and Drop File Uploads with VueJS and Axios

When it comes to uploading files for the web, dragging and dropping files from a directory is one of the most convenient ways to accomplish this task. Almost any modern web application allows you to do this. Up until this point, we have all the different tricks to upload files with VueJS and Axios. We […]

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