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Develop web and mobile apps
from the same codebase.
Learn how to save yourself hundreds of hours by creating your web, iOS, and Android apps from the same repository. Everything communicates with your own centralized API.
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Launching August 2020
Supporting multiple codebases sucks.

Hi, I am Dan Pastori, a full-stack developer who was frustrated with writing a beautiful web app only to realize I had to rewrite the app again if I wanted it on my mobile phone.

I’ve been making web and mobile applications with my friend Jay Rogers for the last 10 years. Jay helps with the design and I am the only developer.

Working on a two-person team can be challenging when you cannot just throw another person at the problem.

Supporting three separate codebases for web, iOS and Android is overwhelming.

Instead of hiring someone, we discovered a handful of tools that allow us to create web and mobile applications from the same codebase. Best of all, everything communicates back to a single API.

We’re now able to deliver and maintain apps faster than ever before.

This isn't just a book.
It's everything you need to start delivering your apps faster.
300+ page e-book.

Everything is organized in easy to consume chapters with a ton of code examples.

The book is avaialable in PDF, EPUB, and MOBI formats so you can follow along no matter what device you choose. We give you the perfect amount of knowledge you need to know.

Instant source code repository access.

Don’t just guess how the code works, see it all in action — in realtime. You’ll even be able to see how we run things on our production branch.

Private community access.

Don’t learn this all by yourself. We created an online community where you will be given instant private forum access.

Ask questions and meet others who are on the same journey as you.

In-depth video tutorials.

Sometimes reading just isn’t enough. We created over 10 video tutorials that show you how to set up your development environment, configure your routes, and more.

Learn from an app that’s actually running in production.

This isn’t another “To-Do List” app. We created an app called ROAST that has many different user permissions levels. This app has real-world problems, with real-world solutions.

Here's what's inside...
Introduction Understand what you'll be learning.
Hello & Welcome Pre-Requisites What We're Building Why We Chose Laravel and NuxtJS
Configuring Laravel as an API Build a solid & flexible foundation for your app.
Configuring Your Development Environment Installing Laravel 7.x Setting Up Laravel to be an API Preparing Your API for Automated Testing
Using NuxtJS for Web & Mobile Learn how everything will begin in NuxtJS.
Installing and Configuring NuxtJS Understanding NuxtJS' Structure Abstracting Your API Calls Into Reusable Modules Managing Events With the Event Bus Saving Time With Mixins Building Your First Layout
Using Laravel Sanctum for API Authentication Prepare your Laravel API for secure authentication.
Building Secure Authentication API Endpoints Implementing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Laravel Sanctum vs. Laravel Passport Installing and Configuring Laravel Sanctum Implementing Authentication and Registration With Laravel Sanctum Writing Authentication Tests
Set Up NuxtJS to Properly Authenticate With Your API Securely connect NuxtJS to Laravel.
Configuring NuxtJS Auth Module + Laravel Sanctum Building Authentication & Registration Components Handling Guest Users With NuxtJS Middleware Implementing an Email Validation System for New Registrations
The Full-Stack Feature Approach Learn how to create a feature from start to finish.
Using the Proper Methods for API Requests Building a Feature From Start to Finish
Managing App Resources Through an API Learn how to design RESTful resources.
Efficiently Building API Endpoints for Data Queries Using Our API Endpoints With NuxtJS Accessing Resources With Human-Readable API Endpoints Uploading Files Implementing Many-To-Many Relationships Handling "Parent-Child" Relationships
Permissions, Validations, and Security Prevent users from accessing other parts of your app.
Preventing Unauthorized Access Using Middleware Securing API Endpoints With Laravel Gates & Policies Implementing Laravel's Custom Validation Rules Securing Our Front-End With NuxtJS Middleware Handling Unauthorized Actions on the Front-End Displaying API Errors to Your Users
Build iOS & Android Apps with CapacitorJS Create two mobile apps in one command from the same codebase.
Installing and Configuring CapacitorJS Speeding Up Builds With A Single Command Server-Side Rendering vs. Single-Page Application Using Native Phone Features In Your App Deep-Linking: Open Your App From The Web Token-Based Authentication with Laravel Sanctum
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Implementing Social Logins Allow users to sign in with their social profiles.
Installing and Configuring Laravel Socialite Allowing logins from Facebook, Google, and Twitter Securely Exchanging Tokens Between an OAuth Provider and Your API
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Opening Your API to Others Allow other developers to integrate with your app.
Install and configure Laravel Passport for 3rd party access Getting Laravel Passport and Laravel Sanctum to Work Together Determining What API Endpoints Should Be Available to 3rd Parties
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API Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas Don't learn this the hard way.
Securing Sensitive Data Configure Insomnia REST Client Configure Postman REST Client Tips & Tricks for Testing APIs Handling "Imperfect" RESTful Routes Benefits of API Versioning RESTful Response Codes: How To Use Them How Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Works
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Single-Page Application Tips, Tricks, and Gotchas Prevent yourself from getting a headache.
The Truth About Spa Security When to Use Vuex
Coming Soon
Video Tutorials Sometimes words just aren't enough.
Why Build an API + Spa? Adding a Feature From Start to Finish Using Postman With Laravel Sanctum Testing your API with Postman Using Insomnia as a REST client With Laravel Sanctum Testing your API with Insomnia Setting up Laravel Sanctum with NuxtJS for Web Creating an iOS & Android App From The Same Codebase with CapacitorJS Structuring a GET Request Creating API Modules in NuxtJS Customizing Mailables With Laravel Validating Emails for New Registrations with a SPA + API Isolating Features Based On The App (Web vs. Mobile App)
This book is for you if...
😩 You feel overwhelmed trying to support web and mobile apps 😕 You don't know where to get started with an API-driven application 😅 You are concerned about SPA + API authentication and security 😎 You want to learn concepts from an app that you can actually use
Don't buy this book if...
This is the first app you are trying to build Your app does not need to run in the web and also on native mobile You have no interest in learning concepts from Laravel or Vue.js
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