Build an iOS & Android App with CapacitorJS + NuxtJS + TailwindCSS

About this course

Using your favorite web tools to build a hybrid native mobile application is a breeze! Combine the power of NuxtJS with the beauty of TailwindCSS, you can use your favorite tools to make an incredibly powerful application. The key to making this work? Using CapacitorJS. CapacitorJS allows you to take your existing front end code, package it up and deploy to both the iOS and Android app stores.

In this short course, we will go through initializing NuxtJS with TailwindCSS first. It’s a real quick install, but we have to configure a few settings. After that, we will install CapacitorJS and configure NuxtJS and CapacitorJS to work together. This is the key to making a mobile app a reality! We will also go through adding the Android and iOS platforms. Finally, we will touch on a few features you can add to make your app feel more “native” using both TailwindCSS and NuxtJS.

If you enjoy this course, we do have a book that goes through all of this and so much more! We will actually be building a web and mobile application from API to Frontend using the same codebase.


What you'll learn
  • - Use NuxtJS to Add Functionality
  • - Design your app using TailwindCSS
  • - Create an Android and iOS App