Gain flexibility & increase privacy with WireGuard VPN

Protect yourself from traffic snooping and secure access to your most precious Internet resources, no matter where you are.

About this course

VPNs allow us to protect our privacy and securely connect devices throughout the world, no matter where you are. Setting up VPNs like this are excellent if you need to lock access down to a static IP address, or if you want to access your email on your hotel WiFi. We’ll be creating a private VPN server that allow our clients to securely send their Internet traffic through our server’s IP address. Here’s what it will look like:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Wireguard-Ubuntu20.04-ServerConfiguration-1024x911.png
What you'll learn
  • - How to Install WireGuard VPN server on Ubuntu Server 20.04
  • - How to configure macOS, Windows 10, Android, iOS 13, and Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop as clients to securely send their internet traffic through your server

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