AmplitudeJS: From the Ground Up

About this course

AmplitudeJS is a flexible Javascript library that allows the user to design the audio player of their dreams for the web and mobile. Artists who wish to have the best experience for their audio can completely customize the look and feel without worrying about the overhead of custom programming. AmpltidueJS utilizes the power of the HTML 5 audio element and takes it to the next level by adding features such as shuffling, repeating, playlist creation, etc.

This course will go through how to utilize AmplitudeJS in a variety of scenarios from introducing AmplitudeJS to utilizing some of it’s more advanced features such as dynamic song addition, multiple playlists, live audio streaming and Soundcloud activity. Each tutorial will be a focused guide that you can use when developing your own player built on AmplitudeJS. Feel free to reach out if there are any questions or more information is needed along the way!

What you'll learn
  • - How To Build A Variety of Audio Players
  • - Overview of AmplitudeJS Functionality
  • - Use Cases for AmplitudeJS

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