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Creating Cordova App Icon Sizes the Fast Way
You have more important things than trying to create one-hundred different Cordova app icon sizes. Here is how to do it quickly.
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Automatic Controller Assignment for Unifi DHCP Option 43 on Mikrotik Routers

Using the Unifi DHCP Option 43, you can set up your Ubiquiti Unifi devices to automatically connect to your cloud controller. Getting this set up saves you tons of time and allows you to remotely manage your networks!

Installing And Configuring Laravel Socialite

If you are following along with the tutorial started here https://serversideup.net/installing-configuring-laravel-spa/, we will now begin to install the Laravel packages that allow for authentication with an oAuth provider. Then we will set up our own oAuth provider. Yea it’s a lot of oAuth. However this allows the user to log in with an app they […]

Creating Cordova App Icon Sizes the Fast Way

You have more important things than trying to create one-hundred different Cordova app icon sizes. Here is how to do it quickly.

Installing and Configuring Laravel For a Single Page Application

So in this article series, we will start by setting up a web app that allows for a consumable API in the back end and authentication with social providers. We will then move to a mobile app using Cordova and the same components we used. The app will be an SPA on the web side […]

New Series: Building a Single Page Application with Laravel and VueJS

So I’m starting a series, a collection of articles on how to build a single page app (SPA) using Laravel as the backend and the Vue ecosystem on the front (Vue 2, Vue-Router, Vuex). We will then transition to mobile and how to reuse your components, throw it in Cordova, and have a mobile app […]

Using Foundation Sites with Laravel 5.3 and Webpack

Out of the box, Laravel 5.3 ships with Twitter Bootstrap. However, if you are like me, you prefer Zurb Foundation 6. Setting up Laravel 5.3 to work with foundation is a breeze! After you install laravel, open your package.json file. You will see in the dev dependancies the reference to bootstrap. Remove that dependancy and […]

Prevent Website Downtime with this Cloud Outage Survival Guide

Prevent website downtime by using these simple principles, no matter how big or small your website is.

Media Temple Amazon S3 Backup for DV (this works on other Linux servers too)

Learn how to make a Media Temple Amazon S3 backup without any commercial programs or relying on another server.

AmplitudeJS for Live Stream HTML5 Audio

Amplitude.js has the ability to be connected to live streams! Energize your audience through a live web broadcast.

Customize HTML Audio via CSS — Introducing: AmplitudeJS

Due to the amount of questions and feedback from http://serversideup.net/style-the-html-5-audio-element/, I’ve decided to create an easy to use library that wraps the existing functions of the HTML 5 audio tag and allows for easy styling. You can customize HTML Audio CSS and the library allows use to easily brand and define the UX of their […]

Create Your First Virtual Machine in Virtualbox

This tutorial covers from beginning to finish on how to create a virtual machine in Virtualbox. Learn how to create, configure, and install Windows Server inside of a virtualbox machine.

Tutorial: How To Style the HTML 5 Audio Player

With the introduction of HTML 5, the audio tag provides a simple way to play audio files without the use of Adobe Flash. However, with the generic controls attribute, all audio tags look the same, but without any controls defined, the audio tag is invisible. In this tutorial I provide examples and a simple library […]

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