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Creating Cordova App Icon Sizes the Fast Way
You have more important things than trying to create one-hundred different Cordova app icon sizes. Here is how to do it quickly.
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Favoriting or Liking With Laravel and VueJS

A very common feature of newer applications, especially social media applications, is the ability to favorite, or like a specific entity such as a post, tweet, etc. In this tutorial I will show how to do the whole process from backend to front end of how to like a resource with Laravel on the backend […]

Eloquent Parent Child Relationship in Laravel

This tutorial will show how to do a parent/child relationship on the same model, in the same database. What we will be doing is expanding our data for adding cafes by allowing the user to add multiple locations for each cafe. These should be stored as an individual record in the cafes table. This will […]

Dynamic Forms with VueJS

So right now, we have the database structured to store a many to many relationship between cafes and brew methods and a way to retrieve them. We also have a parent child relationship for cafes and parent cafes. Now we need to adjust our form so we can account for these changes. With the parent […]

Many To Many Relationships With Laravel

So in this tutorial, we will go through one of the more useful, but advanced relationships you can do with Laraval, the many-to-many relationship between models with eloquent. Eloquent, Laravel’s ORM makes database connections and querying a breeze. We will be using the many-to-many relationship to add brew methods to cafes. The key with many-to-many […]

SPA Tutorial Update 2

So this just a quick update with a few minor changes to the app, nothing huge. Just updated some pages and Vue Components. Fixed Footer to Bottom of Page First, I fixed the footer to bottom of page. This will help with the usability of the app and make for a much cleaner flow. What […]

Custom Google Maps Info Windows

Building off of our last tutorial where we added custom markers to the map: https://serversideup.net/custom-markers-google-map/, the next step is to add an info window to these markers when clicked. This should be a pretty quick tutorial since we will just be binding an info window to a marker on click. Step 1: Open CafeMap.vue The […]

Custom Markers on Google Map

One of the coolest aspects of Google Maps is how easy it is to customize EVERY detail. You can change the colors, the info windows, the data displayed, and even the markers! This is a small tutorial that continues off of of the previous tutorial of displaying resources on a Google Map with VueJS https://serversideup.net/displaying-resources-google-map-vue-js/. […]

Displaying Resources on a Google Map With Vue JS

So now that we have our cafes being geocoded https://serversideup.net/geocode-address-google-maps/, we can display the cafe on a Google Map! This is extremely helpful for providing location based data. With locations you can narrow results based off of distance, show people where objects are located, calculate drive times, and a whole bunch more. Like with the […]

Geocode An Address With Google Maps

A nifty feature that will open up a lot of doors for functionality is the ability to have our Cafe’s address in a latitude and longitude format. This process is called Geocoding. There are a lot of services that offer Geocoding services such as Geocodio Geocodio — Simply affordable geocoding — Home and Google Maps. […]

Validating an API request with Javascript and Laravel

In the last tutorial (https://serversideup.net/api-form-submissions-javascript-vuex-laravel/) we added a simple way for users to add a Cafe to Roast and Brew. As of right now, it works great! However, the user can submit anything into any form field or nothing at all and a Cafe record will be added. We need to validate this API request […]

API Driven Form Submissions with Javascript, Vuex and Laravel

We are now at the point where we can begin adding some functionality to our application. In most cases, this requires some sort of data to compute or display. To do that, we need to add a way to add data to our application. Since we are building an application to help coffee enthusiasts find […]

Using SASS in Vue Components with Laravel Mix

On of the most powerful features of Vue Components or Web components for that matter is all of your CSS, HTML, and Javascript are in the same file. This makes managing all factors of the component extremely easy. If you are using SASS in your project and you want to carry in your variables for […]

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