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API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS
These tutorials will show you how to use and configure Laravel and VueJS to build a single page application through API Driven Development. Let's get started!
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File Management with VueJS and Laravel

This whole tutorial series: API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS has been focused on building a single page application with VueJS that’s powered by an API with Laravel. We’ve gone through a variety of requests, but what we haven’t touched on is file uploading. File uploading can be a little tricky by nature, but […]

Adding Laravel User Profiles

The last few tutorials, we’ve opened up public data for the cafes. We started opening up a few routes with larval https://serversideup.net/public-private-api-laravel/, then explored VueJS Route Security and Authentication and finally implemented some navigation guards. In this tutorial we will go through the process of Step 1: Define Data To Collect When building our user […]

Preview File Uploads with Axios and VueJS

Previously, I wrote a quick article about Uploading Files With VueJS and Axios – Server Side Up which should help alleviate some of the pain of dealing with file uploads. Now it’s time to add a few bells and whistles and a little UX. In this tutorial we will work with previewing file uploads and […]

Drag and Drop File Uploads with VueJS and Axios

When it comes to uploading files for the web, dragging and dropping files from a directory is one of the most convenient ways to accomplish this task. Almost any modern web application allows you to do this. Up until this point, we have all the different tricks to upload files with VueJS and Axios. We […]

File Upload Progress Indicator with Axios and VueJS

So far, there’s been two tutorials for dealing with file uploads with Axios and VueJS. The first tutorial is a basic overview of how to upload files using Axios and VueJS through an AJAX request: Uploading Files With VueJS and Axios – Server Side Up. The second adds a preview for uploaded images before they […]

Your Guide To Uploading Files with VueJS and Axios

A few weeks ago, I wrote a quick tutorial about Uploading Files With VueJS and Axios – Server Side Up. There seemed to be a good response so I went ahead and wrote a few more tutorials building off of the basics. In this short series we will run through the basics of uploading files, […]

Vue Router Navigation Guards with Vuex

In the last two tutorials we opened up some data publicly on the API side of the application https://serversideup.net/public-private-api-laravel/ and blocked a few actions based on whether the use was authenticated or not https://serversideup.net/clean-vuejs-public-private-routes/. In this tutorial we will expand on blocking off certain features of our application on the front end side using Vue […]

VueJS Route Security and Authentication

In our last tutorial https://serversideup.net/public-private-api-laravel/, we converted the Laravel API Backend to be accessible for both an authenticated user and an unauthenticated user. This tutorial will go through the process of securing pieces of data that we don’t want the user to to view if they are not authenticated. Before we make any crazy claims […]

Public and Private API with Laravel

After some careful consideration, I realized that roastandbrew.coffee would be much more powerful if it was partially a public facing, partially user authenticated. Essentially what that means is a user shouldn’t have to be authenticated to view some of the data, but if they are authenticated, they can do more such as add cafes, edit […]

SPA Tutorial Update 4

So we are ready for another update! Lots of new features have been added and we are moving forward towards a much more powerful system and some more awesome tutorials! In these updates I include smaller features that I added to make the application more functional and user friendly, but not large enough to require […]

Google Analytics with Vue Router in an SPA

This tutorial I’d say is probably one of the most important tutorials in the series. Using Google Analytics in your application is essential to receive feedback on your user’s actions as they navigate through your app/website. Now it’s a little tricky in a Single Page Application because the page doesn’t really refresh, we are just […]

Customize Google Map Info Windows

In the last tutorial, we re-used a few mixins to filter the Google Map that contained all of the cafes: https://serversideup.net/re-using-vuejs-mixins-filtering-google-map-data/. The filtering helped because it helped us visualize locally where a cafe was that matched our search parameters was located. However when you click on a marker, the only thing that displays is the […]

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