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API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS
These tutorials will show you how to use and configure Laravel and VueJS to build a single page application through API Driven Development. Let's get started!
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Customize Google Map Info Windows

In the last tutorial, we re-used a few mixins to filter the Google Map that contained all of the cafes: https://serversideup.net/re-using-vuejs-mixins-filtering-google-map-data/. The filtering helped because it helped us visualize locally where a cafe was that matched our search parameters was located. However when you click on a marker, the only thing that displays is the […]

Uploading Files With VueJS and Axios

VueJS and Axios GitHub – axios/axios: Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js work beautifully together for making HTTP requests. However, uploading files with VueJS and Axios can be a little bit challenging since it requires uploading files through an AJAX type system. I’ll be honest, I hate doing file uploads, but they […]

Re-using VueJS Mixins and Filtering Google Map Data

In our last tutorial, we built a whole bunch of mixing to help filter coffee shops https://serversideup.net/filtering-vuejs-mixins/. This filtering took place on the home page. To show the power and reusability of the mixins that we created, we are going to apply similar filters to the map of cafes. This filtering system will use the […]

Filtering with VueJS Mixins

We’ve done a lot of work up to this point on providing meta data for our cafes. Right now, to be honest, this data is pretty worthless. You can only see the data for each cafe if you visit the individual cafe. This is nice, but it’d be really slick if you could filter by […]

API Driven Development With Laravel and VueJS

These tutorials will show you how to use and configure Laravel and VueJS to build a single page application through API Driven Development. Let’s get started!

SPA Tutorial Update 3

So Roast and Brew is coming along nicely! We are starting to get a few people using the app and some traffic which is awesome! There are a few quick updates I made to the site outside of the scope of a tutorial. Fixed Github Issue There was a GitHub issue with the way the […]

Deploy a Unifi Cloud Controller for $5 and under 10 minutes

Learn how to deploy a cloud hosted Unifi controller on Ubuntu 16.04. You’ll be able to manage all of your locations and Unifi devices from a single location. Helpful commands Modify APT configuration file: nano /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99force-ipv4 Once you have that open, enter this text: Acquire::ForceIPv4 “true”; Add Ubiquiti Repository: echo ‘deb http://www.ubnt.com/downloads/unifi/debian stable ubiquiti’ | […]

Complete Unifi Network Build – Series Introduction

Today I am starting a new series on how to build a network from the ground up using Ubiquiti’s Unifi product line. We will be covering: Setting up and configuring a cloud hosted Unifi controller for $5/month Configuring a Unifi USG Router with a cloud hosted controller Automating Unifi device deployments Creating a Guest Wireless […]

Vue JS Tag input

In the last tutorial https://serversideup.net/tagging-with-laravel/ we built some tagging API routes for Laravel. Now we need to build the front end. Since we are doing everything in VueJS this will be a VueJS Tag Input component. It can get a little complicated with some of the UX such as showing a tag once it has […]

Implementing the Vue JS Tag Component

In the last tutorial we built a Vue JS tag component https://serversideup.net/vue-js-tag-input/. Now we have to implement the tagging component. We will be doing this on the NewCafe.vue page. Step 1: Implement the Vue TagsInput component on the new Cafe page. To do this, first open up /resources/assets/js/pages/NewCafe.vue. This is our form to add a […]

Tagging With Laravel

We’ve done a few many to many eloquent relationship tutorials, all with different use-cases. However, there’s one more that we should accomplish. That’s the ability to tag a coffee shop. Luckily, tagging with Laravel is as easy as the other solutions. We are going to end up building a tag cloud for each coffee shop […]

Favoriting or Liking With Laravel and VueJS

A very common feature of newer applications, especially social media applications, is the ability to favorite, or like a specific entity such as a post, tweet, etc. In this tutorial I will show how to do the whole process from backend to front end of how to like a resource with Laravel on the backend […]

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