Install to Windows

This document is a work in progress. We're currently testing some things out and continuing to add to this document. If you see errors or have advice, please contribute! 😃


Windows requires a "subsystem Linux" distribution which takes some configuring on a brand new machine. Once configured, Linux will be running as a virtual machine on your Windows computer, allowing you to run Docker.

You'll need the following services configured on your Windows machine:

  • Windows Subsystem Linux
  • Docker Desktop

Prepare your Windows Machine

Install The Kernel Update

To prevent errors with Docker Desktop, be sure to have the latest Linux Kernel update installed. Refer to the documentation for download →

If you do not install this update, you will see this error on launch of Docker Desktop.

WSL 2 Installation Warning

Install Windows Subsystem Linux (WSL)

The Official documentation for installing WSL can be found here:

We prefer Ubuntu as our distribution. So if you're happy with that recommendation, run this command in PowerShell as administrator to install WSL.

Make sure to right click on the PowerShell icon and click Run as Administrator.

wsl --install -d ubuntu

WSL Install Command

Install Docker Desktop

Download and install the latest version of Docker Desktop from Docker's Website


If prompted, leave the default options checked.

Docker Configuration

Accept the terms

Make sure you open "Docker Desktop" (double click the Docker Desktop icon from your Desktop) after install and accept the terms.

Accept Docker EULA

Install Windows Terminal (Optional)

Although this application is still in preview, you may want to consider installing this for your best experience. You'll get tab support for CLIs and a few other bonus features.

You can install it from the Microsoft Store or from their Github page:
Download Windows Terminal →

Verify everything is working

You can validate Docker is working by running this command in your Windows Terminal:

docker info

It should return version information.

Docker Info

You can also run a simple container to ensure everything is working with container execution:

docker run --rm hello-world

It should return something like this.

Docker Run Hello World!


  • Need to add detailed instructions how to install spin on the Windows with WSL
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