Install via NPM/Yarn

Installing spin at the project level is a great way to deploy spin without much configuration from the user's end. View spin on NPM →

Add spin to your project with Yarn/NPM

We can use Docker to run install spin on your project. Run this command from the parent folder of your project.

The examples below are using node:latest. Be sure to change the image name to match your version of Node that you're using for your project. See available versions →

Yarn (with Docker)

docker run --rm -v  $(pwd):/usr/app/src -w /usr/app/src/ node yarn add @serversideup/spin --dev

NPM (with Docker)

docker run --rm -v  $(pwd):/usr/app/src -w /usr/app/src/ node npm install @serversideup/spin --dev

If you already have yarn or npm installed on your machine

We're essentially just installing it like this:


yarn add @serversideup/spin --dev


npm install @serversideup/spin --dev

Spin is installed 🥳

You should now be able to access spin by running:

./node_modules/.bin/spin up

Bonus Tip: Use an alias

Rather than typing ./node_modules/.bin/spin every time, you can add a "smart alias", which will check to see if it exists in your node_modules, if not, it loads it from the vendor folder.

Just add this in your ~/.bash_profile or your ~/.zshrc:

alias spin='[ -f node_modules/.bin/spin ] && bash node_modules/.bin/spin || bash vendor/bin/spin'

You'll now be able to access spin from your project root directory.

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