Install to macOS

Install Docker Desktop

MacOS does not ship with Docker by default. To get Docker installed, you will need "Docker Desktop", which is the official desktop tool developed by Docker.

Learn how to install Docker Desktop →

Download and install spin

Once Docker is installed, you are now ready to install spin. Run the installer with this simple command in your terminal. No root permissions required.

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

The above script will install spin at the user level in ~/.spin, using less than 300KB of storage.

Add spin to your PATH

In order for your terminal to know where spin is located, we need to add this to your "PATH" for your shell. Depending on your shell, you will need to paste the following text at the BOTTOM of the appropriate file:

You can run echo $0 in your terminal to figure out which shell you are using.

# Add this to `~/.zshrc` or `~/.bash_profile`
export PATH="$HOME/.spin/bin:$PATH"

Files to modify:

  • ZSH (most modern Macs): ~/.zshrc
  • Bash: ~/.bash_profile

You can use something like nano or vim to modify these files.

Apply your changes

To apply the changes, simply restart your terminal or you can source the file you just modified:

# If you're using ZSH
source ~/.zshrc

# If you're using Bash
source ~/.bash_profile

Validate it's working

You should be able to run this and get a result 🥳

spin version
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