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We respect your privacy, a lot. And we mean it!

What do we mean?

We’re just two guys running a bootstrapped business called 521 Dimensions. This means the only way that we get paid is through any client work through our company. We’re huge believers in making quality educational resources available to everyone, but in reality we need to keep the lights on. We want to support our content without sacrificing your privacy to ad-tracking.

How can you help?

If you can make a monetary contribution, it will be our promise that we will continue to grow Server Side Up and we can dedicate more time to writing content. This means more programming and server tutorials (we have a lot of ideas!), we just need the time to get to them.


This is our main financial arm. Without your support here, we will no longer be able to exist.

Affiliate Links

We also are using Affiliate links in attempts to support our content. We do not suggest products based off of margin or price. We literally pick the best product, create a tutorial about it, find the product on Amazon (or directly to the service), then link it from our site. When you purchase an item using our affiliate link, it does not change the price for you whatsoever. You are given the best price and we get a very small referral commission to help support our site.

YouTube Ads

The only place that you may find ads, is our YouTube videos. Since most people find our YouTube videos on YouTube directly, we are attempting to support our content with YouTube Ads only. Since YouTube does heavy tracking on you by default, we figured having ads disabled on YouTube wouldn’t prevent any tracking anyways… This is our only exception! We’re only enabling this so that we can achieve our goal of spending more time on creating more quality content.