So I’m starting a series, a collection of articles on how to build a single page app (SPA) using Laravel as the backend and the Vue ecosystem on the front (Vue 2, Vue-Router, Vuex). We will then transition to mobile and how to reuse your components, throw it in Cordova, and have a mobile app ready to rock and roll. The series is going to go through each step of the process as we develop a simple app to find coffee roasters and brewers. The app will be 100% open source and all of the code will be available on GitHub here: Roast and Brew Github. You can see the app develop here (and use if you are a coffee snob like myself): Roast and Brew.

As I write tutorials I will be pushing code to GitHub along with each tutorial I write. I will also be adding new features. Every feature I add will be in the tutorial. We will be going through Google Maps integration, Socialite for social auth, Passport for our own oAuth and API driven development, and a plethora of technologies and concepts. I’ll start with the basics, but there will be times I will be linking to external sites that provide more detailed coverage of a specific topic. For example installing and configuring Laravel. I’ll go through the few steps I run, but the Laravel docs are gorgeous and do a much better job. Each tutorial can be used in order or independent as you develop your own app.

The series should be looked at as an in progress open book. I’m providing my steps, my perspective and my vision, but I’d love for feed back and improvement. Throughout the series if something needs to be changed, please leave a comment. Facilitating a development discussion would be amazing and making the app more efficient and better constructed would be amazing as well.

The series won’t be launched in a day. I will be launching tutorials as they go so make sure to check back here and check my Twitter: Dan Pastori (@danpastori) | Twitter for the most up-to-date information.

Let’s start with he basics: Installing and Configuring Laravel for an SPA.